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Sony MDR-EX10LP Review - Best All-rounder Earphones Under $15?

Sony MDR-EX10LP review covers everything from design \u0026 features to sound quality [Links Below]

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Sony MDR-EX110AP/B (model w/ in-line mic and remote)

There are so many options when it comes to earphones in the price range of $10-$20. While not the most durable option out there, these Sony earphones excel at both sound quality and comfort. They are the perfect all-round earphone for anyone looking for something inexpensive to upgrade to their existing earphones or these would make a great gift.

In this review I also compare these to the Audio Technica CLR-100 as well as the upgraded Sony MDR-EX110.

Audio-Technica ATHCLR100
Sony MDR-EX110LP

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Original Sony MDR-EX10LP Earphones Review

Sony MDR-EX10LP Unboxing & Review

Buy it here on Amazon:

Above is a promotional link that can be used to purchase the item!

Sony MDR-EX10LP DBL Earbud Headphones Unboxing and Review [HD]

Sony MDR-EX10LP DBL Earbud Headphones Unboxing and Review [HD]




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